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Fiart Montenegro

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Fiart Mare in Adriatic

Rockstar Yachts is the official distributor of Fiart Yachts in Montenegro.

Fiart Mare is the Italian shipyard near Naples, building some of the best Dolce Vita-style yachts on the market.

Montenegro is the ideal location for an open day cruiser like Fiart. If you were thinking to buy Fjord, Pardo or Frauscher boat – we are now thrilled to present you a highly appealing alternative!

Please, browse Fiart model range below to find a perfect boat for you, or contact our representatives with custom request.

Fiart model range

Fiart 35 Seawalker

Fiart 35 Seawalker

Length: 11,56 m
Price, from: € 265.000

Fiart 39 Seawalker

Fiart 39 Seawalker

Length: 12,61 m
Price, from: € 363.000

Fiart 43 Seawalker

Fiart 43 Seawalker

Length: 13,84 m
Price, from: € 568.000

Fiart P54

Fiart P54 NEW!

Length: 16,65 m
Price, from: € 1.950.000

Perfect walk-around boat: Fiart, Pardo or Fjord?

New P48 speed boat from Fiart Mare

Fiart is a direct competitor of well-known motor yacht brands like Pardo, Fjord or Frauscher.

However, what sets Fiart yachts apart are their superior ergonomics, contemporary equipment, and more spacious layouts.

Additionally, Fiart yachts show fantastic results regarding maneuverability, fuel economy and seaworthiness.

Fiart 35 and Fiart 39 Seawalker yachts are a more exciting alternative to the Pardo P38 or Fjord 38.

And larger Fiart 43 Seawalker outperforms the Fjord 44 or Pardo 43 in terms of internal space and comfort. Furthemore, Fiart 43 Seawalker has a nice garage for storing water toys, and nearly 2 meters of headroom height.

Girls in Seawalker 39 from Fiart
Fiart Mare presenting new Fiart P48

The all-new Fiart P48 and Fiart P54 models goes beyond being an enlarged version of traditional walkaround boats, such as Pardo P50 or Fjord 53 XL.

The Fiart P54 introduces a fresh concept of stylish sports yachts with an athletic exterior design.

It incorporates numerous innovative features and offers exceptional flexibility in layouts.

P48 cabin
Open boat swimming platform

If you compare Fiart with Frauscher, the latter is losing battle on price and practical usability.

Moreover, Frauscher boats have no hydraulic platform or Volvo IPS engines with joystick for easy maneuvering.

Fiart or Riva?

Looking to buy Riva yacht for cruising in Montenegro?

Models like the Riva Iseo, Aquariva, and 56 Rivale, while iconic, may fall short in terms of practicality in this regard. Notably, Fiart Seawalker yachts boast a more practical bow deck, addressing a crucial aspect that enhances overall functionality.

In essence, the Fiart Seawalker yachts outshine classic Riva counterparts by combining timeless elegance with modern practicality

Seawalker model range
Sunset on a yacht

Finally, the engine options for Riva classic models are limited to the conventional shaft, or sterndrive. Means there is no IPS/joystick option for maneuvering in the bay, like you have on the new Fiart 43 Seawalker.

All Fiart Seawalker models provide you with the luxury of two well-furnished premium cabins, and ceiling heights of 2 meters.

VIP cabin luxury boat
Fiart 43 Seawalker

You have wide sidewalks in natural teak, and a generously sized cockpit featuring a central wet-bar with lunch area.

You can convert cockpit dining lounge to a sunbathing area very easily, to have sun loungers stretched across the space.

All this is complemented by a spacious hydraulic platform, garage for water toys, and new Volvo Penta IPS engines.

Fiart Mare History

Experience the Sea

Experiencing the sea is the most exciting way to experience nature. The sea can be gentle and soft but also deep and breathtaking. It can open routes and hearts, and it shapes the course of history. The magic of the sea attracts us because there are no boundaries or horizons.

As a result, we have an overwhelming feeling of being carried away beyond imagination, living every moment to the fullest.

The inexplicable power of emotion ignites the soul of our boats today, just as it did 60 years ago. It guides our hands, turning magic into art. The art of caring for every little thing is a beauty that evokes the strongest sensations.

All this and more comes from the sea: the endless source of our inspiration.

Fiart: stylish Italian yachts
Fiart Mare in Naples

Story of Ruggiero Di Luggo

Like most pioneers, Ruggiero Di Luggo’s vision began with a spark: he turned his passion for the sea into an exciting lifestyle. As a child, Ruggiero intensely dreamed about yachts and drew them on everything that came to hand. When he grew up and started working as an engineer, he did not give up on his childhood dreams.

In 1960, Rudgero built the first fiberglass boat in Europe, which he named Concita. The small 3.6-meter-long boat aroused great interest among the public and competitors.

“I thought that this invention would allow any Italian family to have a boat and use it every day, similar to how they use the car. The Conchita was a durable boat, easy to transport, and at the same time, inexpensive. A vessel that every Italian could have.”

– Ruggiero di Luggo

First orders for Fiart in 1961

During the Maritime Exhibition in Milan in 1961, Di Luggo brought four Conchitas there – two suspended vertically on the ceiling due to limited space at his stand.

“It was weird to exhibit a small plastic boat with a strange Spanish name among all these mahogany masterpieces from famous shipyards. And yet it worked. Visitors were interested, surprised, and knocked on the hull as if testing it for strength.

Perhaps, for the first time after the Second World War, people believed that having a boat was a perfectly acceptable and achievable goal. That is how, in the same year, we received our first 60 orders!”.

– Ruggiero Di Luggo
Fiart Mare shipyard history
Fiart Mare team

And this is how the Fiart Mare shipyard was born. At that time, Ruggiero Di Luggo was 34 years old. Nevertheless, he remained at the Company’s helm for over 50 years.

Since its start, Fiart has produced over 130 different models of boats and yachts. However, people have always been Fiart’s most valuable asset.

The close-knit shipyard team is passionate about their work and is always ready to take on new challenges because great things happen to those who never stop believing, trying, and learning. Therefore, like one big family, the shipyard’s employees are part of the Company’s enormous success.

Today Di Luggo children took over the management of the yard. They have successfully brought Father’s visionary spirit to the routes of the present.

Fiart Shipyard Today

Fiart yachts are unlike any other. The upper curved bow profile and contemporary exterior details are striking even with a cursory glance at the models of this shipyard.

The dynamic characteristics of Fiart models are also extraordinary – at a speed of 35-40 knots per day, you can cross not only the Gulf of Naples!

Today, Fiart shipyard produces boats in Baia, on the territory of a luxurious Italian villa on the shores of the Gulf of Naples.

The shipyard area consists of more than 50,000 square meters, including modern open and closed premises and an experimental pool for testing hulls in the water.

Fiart P54 New