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Best yachts available to purchase for crypto:

If you consider to buy a boat or a yacht with cryptocurrency, look no further! Rockstar Yachts announces that starting from 2023 we accept payments for all new and used yachts in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and others). You can buy any new boat from Prestige Yachts and Fiart, as well as choose any used boat from our Boats for Sale page.

Prestige X70 (2024)

Prestige X70 (2024) for sale with cryptocurrency

Prestige X70 (hull #21) yacht is the newest X-series luxury yacht from Prestige. You can buy this yacht with cryptocurrency! This luxury boat features a Seakeeper stabilizer, hard top and jet tender. Secure the only Prestige X70 available for the 2024 season now!

Year: 2024
Asking Price: € 3.668.604 (Ex-VAT, ExW)
Availability: Available in stock!

Fiart 43 Seawalker (2024)

Fiart 43 Seawalker (2024) for sale with cryptocurrency

Fiart 43 Seawalker is a flagship model from Fiart Seawalker range, which is available for purchase with cryptocurrency! This spacious sport yacht has tons of space for sunbathing and entertaining 12 people on a day out and about. Secure the only available Fiart 43 Seawalker for 2024 season!

Year: 2024
Asking Price: € 814.900 (Ex-VAT, ExW)
Availability: Available in stock!

Prestige M48 (2025)

Prestige M48 (2025) for sale for cryptocurrency

Prestige M48 power catamaran (3-cabin and 4-cabin versions), available for purchase with cryptocurrency! You can still configure specs and layouts in accordance to your preferences.

Year: 2025
Asking Price: € 1.579.432 (Ex-VAT, ExW)
Availability: January 2025

Advantages of buying a yacht with crypto:

  1. Savings. The commission for payment in cryptocurrency is significantly lower than the commission of banks. Traditional banks often charge you 3-5% of the amount of any international payment. Luxury yacht prices can reach into the tens of millions of dollars, leading to elevated bank fees. However, you can avoid or significantly reduce such fees when you pay for yacht with crypto.

  2. Simplicity. There is no need to consider uncomfortable currency conversion rates or fiscal authorities’ payment restrictions. Cryptocurrencies have no connection to the monetary policy of individual Countries. As a result, you can plan your financial transactions more confidently.

  3. Confidentiality. When you aquire a yacht or boat with cryptocurrency, you ensure complete confidentiality. All transactions remain anonymous, making it virtually impossible to discern the buyer’s identity. While cryptocurrency transactions are publicly recorded on a blockchain, the inherent anonymity of crypto payments means they are not necessarily tied to a specific individual, offering luxury yacht buyers an additional degree of privacy.

  4. Speed. Payments in cryptocurrency arrive almost instantly, and there is no bank intervention in the process (account opening formalities, KYC checks, human factor involved etc.).

  5. Convenience. The global luxury yacht market today is high-speed and mobile. You can pay for a yacht with cryptocurrency anytime and from anywhere, taking advantage of a good deal faster than other buyers. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection.

When you buy a yacht for crypto with the Rockstar Yachts, you get a clean and legally transparent deal. We indicate the payment method and cryptocurrency (like USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others), wallet numbers, and the interest rate for conversion (if applicable) directly in the sale-purchase contract.

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