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Rockstar Yachts is the official Seabob partner in Montenegro. For the last 10 years, we have delivered different Seabob models and accessories to some of the finest and largest yachts in the world!

Light, fun, easy-to-handle, and extremely powerful, Seabob sea scooters provide an unparalleled experience both on the water and while you’re diving. From the Seabob F5 to the Seabob FSR, the line offers high performance at varying levels of propulsion and weight.

Seabob Models

Seabob F5 logo

Seabob F5

Seabob F5 white

Weighing just 29 kg, the Seabob F5 is lightweight but packs a punch. It’s a durable piece of watercraft that can go up to 14 km/hr over water and 13 km/hr underwater. The Seabob F5 has a maximum thrust of up to 480 newtons with the E-Jet Power System providing 4 levels. The optimal safe diving depth is 2.5 m although it is possible to set diving depth up to 40 m with electronic control. While powerful, the F5 is a great starter water scooter that can be enjoyed by the whole family from the lake to the sea.

Seabob F5 S logo

Seabob F5S

Seabob F5 S Zircon Blue

The sleek and sporty Seabob F5S weighs a very easy-to-handle 34 kg with a powerful propulsion force of 680 newtons. You can hit 20 km/h over water and 18 km/h under water. Going two steps further than the Seabob F5, the E-Jet Power System gives you 6 controls so you have more variance when moving from light speed to guns blazing. Safe diving depth is 2.5 m with the ability to set up to 40 m with electronic control. Due to its higher propulsion force, this sea scooter or better suited for larger bodies of water.

Seabob F5 SR logo

Seabob F5SR

Seabob F5 SR Special Edition

If you like it hard and fast, then the Seabob F5SR is going to be your choice for the perfect ripping across-the-water and diving underwater scooter.  Cayago’s F5SR gives you a propulsion force of 745 newtons and weighs just a kilogram more than the F5S at 35 kg. You can hit a nice 22 km/h over water speed and 20 km/h under water. This water scooter gives you more cruising control with 7 controls. As with Cayoga’s other F-line Seabob underwater scooters, the safe Cayoga seabob diving depth is 2.5 m with the option to go down 40 m with electronic control, but this model gives you two rear fins to help you with stability at high maximum speeds.

Seabob Water Scooter Design and Technology

Seabob Speed

With high-end German engineering, the Seabob doesn’t just look futuristic, sporty, and agile, it has an under-the-hood design that is forward-thinking. Seabobs are made with precious metals and ceramic coatings that make them water-tight and ensure salt water cannot penetrate.

Seabobs provide the latest in eco-friendly technology so you know when you get on the water you’re being kind to the earth. You have a high-torque synchronized drive and an ingenious power management system using microprocessors. The E-Jet Power System ensures you get maximum thrust for low energy, thereby reducing the overall operation costs. Electronic buttons allow you to control things like diving depth.

Aesthetically, Seabobs are sleek and come in a range of colours. This range has been heightened by the latest entry of chrome and matte black Seabob options.  

Seabob Water Scooter Speed and Handling

The Seabob is as light as a feather when you’re out on the water or diving, regardless of the model.

Easy trigger handling helps you control speeds and balance is easily achieved by shifting body weight. Top above-water speeds can hit 22 km/h and underwater speeds of 20 km/h for the Seabob F5SR. 

Seabob handling

How Seabob Works as an Underwater Scooter

Seabob diving

The Seabob is an absolute pleasure to go diving with regardless of whether you’re a beginner or expert. It provides smooth propulsion ranging from 280 newtons to 745 newtons depending on the model you go with.

Maximum safe dives are set for 2.5 m, however these can be adjusted to a maximum of 40 m by electronic control.

Why are Seabobs the Perfect Sea Scooter

Whether you want to help your kids get more comfortable swimming and diving with a beginner-level Seabob, or you’re an expert and want to glide faster above water and dive with more control, Cayago Seabobs have you covered.

Cayago Seabob Price

The price of a Seabob will depend on the model you choose, and the accessories . Rockstar Yachts has been providing happy clients with Seabobs for over a decade in Montenegro waters and beyond, and we’d be happy to help you select the best one suited for your lifestyle. Please contact us to find out about price and availability.

Seabob F5, F5S and F5SR specification

ParametersSeabob F5Seabob F5 SSeabob F5 SR
Performance (up to)2.5 kW4.0 kW4.5 kW
Maximum thrust (up to)480 N680 N745 N
Power levels467
Speed (over water, up to)14 km/h20 km/h22 km/h
Speed (under water, up to)13 km/h18 km/h20 km/h
Operating time (from one charge)50 min60 min70 min
Standard charging time8 h7 h7 h
Quick charging*1,5 h1,5 h1,5 h
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)1.152 x 507 x 3721.152 x 507 x 3721.152 x 543 x 372
Weight29 kg34 kg34 kg
Buoyancy in water14 kg10 kg10 kg
Diving depth**2,5 m2,5 m2,5 m
Price (ex-VAT, ExW)€9.360€12.480€14.935

* Mains voltage 230 V
**Safety cut-out (max. diving depth 40 m, you can set this via electronic control)

Seabob Color options

Seabob Star White
Seabob Basic Red
Basic Red
Seabob Basic Yellow
Basic Yellow
Seabob Lumex Orange
Seabob Lumex Yellow
Seabob Ixon Red
Black Line Green
Seabob Black Line Orange
Seabob Black Line: Orange
Seabob Black Line Blue
Black Line Blue
Seabob Platin Silver
Seabob Antracite
Seabob Dual Color
Antracite – Lumex-Orange (Dual Color Example)

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